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    来源:http://www.jnyxh.com  2019-01-14 17:02:22
    Maintenance methods and techniques for ecological fragmentation of large fish tanks
    To maintain the ecological fragmentation of large aquariums, the first thing is to understand what key elements are missing in my large aquariums, and whether the proportion of elements installed is appropriate. The less the elements are, the closer the proportion of each element is to natural conditions, and the less maintenance tasks are needed; on the contrary, more effort will be spent. Here are two detailed examples to stop illustrating.

    In addition to the plankton mentioned below, there are also a few decaying benthic plants and elementary aquatic animals that can absorb waste to produce oxygen. In addition, the tank should reach a fuller sense of appreciation that the density of stocked fish will often reach the lower limit acceptable to the filter, that is, it can absorb oxygen. The ratio of bacteria to fish is nearly unbalanced. In order to maintain such aquariums, besides daily feeding, we need to suck out the bait and feces at the bottom of the tank (instead of benthic plants and aquatic plants, benthic fish such as Pipa can partly replace this task), and change water more frequently to concentrate harmless wastes (instead of the function of aquatic plants, to compensate for the lack of bacteria), in which case, without the assistance of aquatic plants, biofiltration even if it is transported at full load. It is also difficult to clean up all wastes. When the water temperature is high, air pump is also needed (instead of water grass to produce oxygen). Of course, the stocking of fish species also has a great deal to do. If a dragon fish is kept in a 300L tank, it would not take so much trouble to fish out the remnants and feces every day. But if a large group of colorful fish is raised, these operations will become almost daily homework.


    With biochemical filters, bottom sand, a small amount of aquatic plants, algae-eating shrimp and a large number of fish, "aquatic plants large-scale appreciation aquarium" such as tanks, in addition to plankton, it seems that all the secondary elements are complete, so can there be nothing to do but feed? Indeed, the task of maintaining the aquatic aquatic aquarium is less, but not that it is complete. In fact, the proportion of the fragmentary elements is seriously unbalanced - there are too few fish, few metabolic wastes, and the aquatic plants and bacteria are absolutely excessive, so the whole water body appears "negative nutrient differentiation", which is beneficial to restraining algae and promoting the health of fish, but only to the water. Grass and bacteria are not so bad. They tend to be healthy because of poor nutrients. Without timely intervention, the whole fragments will collapse because of the apoptosis of aquatic plants, and the aquatic beauty invented by hard work will disappear. So we add all kinds of fertilizers, carbon dioxide, nitrifying bacteria. In addition, due to the lack of herbivorous plants (which we prevent from introducing into aquatic aquariums for large-scale appreciation), the growth of aquatic plants is uncontrolled, so we need to prune them during the life cycle, remove dead leaves and rotten leaves, truncate long stems, and adjust the growth density.
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